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Send me to Cloud 9!

Healing for Mind, Body, & Spirit

Your 1 hour customized session will include all of my specialized Shaman Healing Tools, Prayers, & Chants, Multi-Vibrational Sound Therapy instruments, hands-on Reiki healing energy, Crystals laid on your body for harmonization and chakra alignment, aura cleansing, and 5th dimensional quantum healing techniques. I have 7 years experience in providing a wide variety of healing treatments.
To schedule your Angel Service email

$10 off if paying cash in person at time of service -or- with your bank account instead of credit card.


I Want It All!

Deluxe Healing Bliss-Out (About 90 minutes+)

This healing session includes everything from the Cloud 9 package, plus a Guided Meditation while the crystals work, and 4-Card Oracle, Angel Card, or Tarot Reading with my life, spiritual, and health coaching. Includes end-of-session shower if you'd like one.
*$10 off with cash payments for in-person services
To schedule your Angel Service email


Oracle, Tarot, and/or Angel Card Readings

15 or 30 minute readings

I do card readings in person, by phone call, or private YouTube video link emailed to you.
*$5 off with cash payments for in-person services OR if you pay with bank account through PayPal (not credit card).
To schedule your Angel Service email


Third Eye Activation

Blast open your Psychic Intuition Portal

I use special essential oils, shaman tools, touch, prayers, and energy work to remove blockages from your Third Eye Chakra, so that you may have more clarity of divine guidance from the Holy Spirit frequencies. Includes general aura & chakra scan, opening, and healing. Takes between 30-45 minutes.


Ayurvedic Oil Healing

Includes energy work

The purpose of Ayurvedic oil is for the body to absorb the herbs infused into oil through the skin with heat from hot towels. This causes the body to feel refreshed and invigorated, as the herbs are very good for you. This session includes the shaman healing tools from the Cloud 9 package description.


Twin Flame Card Reading & Coaching

Customized session for your unique situation

Are you neck-deep in the Twin-Flame journey? Let me help guide you, because I can relate.

I offer love, situation, and romance card readings & coaching sessions.

Short 15 minute express session $29

$49 for half hour reading with coaching

Home Blessing

Clear the Energy & Any Entities from your Home

For this special session, you must pre-book with me well in advance. Currently I can only do this in the Portland, Oregon, Vancouver Washington, or the San Antonio, TX areas, and you MUST have another female present in the home for the duration of the process. I bring with me many special tools and work through each room and window of your home using sacred geometry, charged annointing oil, and prayers to re-set the energy of your entire home. You will feel and sense the difference afterwards. You have to request a quote because the price will be based on number of rooms, how big your house is, and distance I have to travel. Email me to request a quote

Request a quote

Sound Tool Harmonization - Downloadable File

Multi-Vibrational Sound Therapy

This 10-minute experience explains each of my Shaman Sound Tools and you get to experience hearing them as a meditation. This is a great purchase for other therapists who are interested in learning about sound therapy, or want to add sound tools to their own sessions with clients. These tools are also great to listen to as an opening to meditation, because they help to activate, open, and clear your chakra energy centers in your body and third eye. Please include your email you'd like this sent to upon payment.


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Budget Spirit Pampering

Aura & Chakra Healing with Shamanic Sound Tools, Neck & Shoulder Hands-on Reiki Energy + 1 Card Reading (about 30 minutes)

Your aura is the energy that surrounds your body, and can be effected by interacting with others. By removing other people's energies from you, you'll feel lighter and have more clarity. Your Chakras are the energy centers INSIDE your body, that make up the rainbow of your Spiritual Body (aka your Soul). You may have energy blockages from past experiences. When you open, balance, and clear your Chakras, you'll experience a new higher level shift of energy and healing within.

*$5 off with cash payments for in-person services
To schedule your Angel Service email


Heal Me Deeply

Guided meditation with Crystals & Multi-Vibrational Sound Therapy - About 30-45 minutes

Includes follow-up Spiritual Counseling about your experience.
*$5 off with cash payments for in-person services
To schedule your Angel Service email


Let's Take a Deeper Look

45 Minute Coaching & Reading Session

Customized private YouTube video just for you.
To schedule your Angel Service email


Grief Relief

Receive a special card reading to get closure from a loved one who has passed away

This type of card reading is historically the most moving and emotional of all readings. A special card deck made just for Mediumship: "Talking to Heaven" is designed for you to receive messages from your loved ones who now reside in the Spirit Realm after passing over from bodily death.

Grab some tissues before this session. This can be done in-person, over the phone, or sent you to via email or private YouTube video.

To Book this session please email me at


Epic Healing Meditation CD

Shaman Tools + Epic Healing Meditation

This 37-minute experience will change your life. You'll feel lighter and uplifted afterwards, like you've shed years of emotional weight from your body. Please include your mailing address you'd like this CD sent to upon payment.


Party Angel Card Readings!

Thrill & intrigue your guests with deep spiritual advice & soul journey guidance!

Pricing based on estimated number of guests and how many hours you want me there.

Please email me your party date/times/details to receive a customized quote.

You can pay me a flat rate and I will just give as many readings as I can, or pay me a travel fee and ask guests to pay me for their individual readings. 

I have many decks, all of them are listed in a slideshow below. Choose up to 4 decks for me to bring or let me choose which ones which ones would be the best for your party.

Request a quote

Inspirational Speaking or Workshop

Have me come to your Business, Non-Profit, or Private Event

I offer many specialized services. Let me know what you would like me to do for your group and I will be of service. Please email me your inquiry, and let me know all of the details, and we can discuss a quote. 

Request a quote

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LIVE Distance Healing Phone Call Session

For yourself or a loved one

I will schedule a healing session phone call with you that will include all of my spiritual and shamanic healing tools, practices, and prayers, and then balance, clear, harmonize, and relax you on a mind-body-spiritual level with my multi-vibrational sound therapy tools, that work on you through a frequency and cellular level. I call in healing angels and spirit guides for assistance in the healing on you.


The Tune-Up

Hands-on Reiki Energy Healing with Crystal Therapy & a Guided Meditation (About 30-45 mins)

Reiki is healing energy from the Holy Spirit that passes through my hands like a channel into you, and goes wherever it's needed in your body for repair of energetic distress. Crystals are powerful energy emitters each with a unique color and frequency to open, balance, and attune your Chakras (energy centers in your body) to a higher vibration. 

Includes follow-up Spiritual Counseling of your experience.
*$5 off with cash payments for in-person services
To schedule your Angel Service email


5th Dimensional Quantum Healing

Something you've probably never experienced before...

Using special techniques, I "sweep" the body of excess heavy energies all over, like dusting off an old shelf. You will feel immediately feel the difference and feel lighter energetically. I also pull blockages out of your energy body and do a third eye activation. This session will also include an aura and chakra clearing, and other shaman tools.


Deluxe Card Reading

10-Card Reading with Spiritual Wisdom & Life Coaching. Deck(s) of You Choice

We can do this live over the phone with a scheduled time, OR you can elect that I create a private YouTube card reading video for you to watch and review at your leisure.

*$5 off with cash payments for in-person services. 

To schedule your Angel Service email


Transformational LIFE Coaching Sessions- Choose Life, Spirituality, Holistic Health, or combination!

Single sessions -OR- Package of up to twelve total 30-35 minute phone Coaching Sessions, once a week for 1-3 months (or longer!)

First session is free! This unique coaching package contains an initial interview to identify your goals that you think coaching could help you succeed at. This is a SYSTEM with steps for success, that provides SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY to keep you moving forward! The following twelve coaching sessions will each be a unique experience combining information, wisdom, visualization, breathwork and more! The following list are the titles of the sessions to give you an idea of what they're about:

*YES-ing Your Heart's Desire *Creating your Life Blueprint *Goals and Planning *Exploring your Life Purpose *Goals for Self-Care & Work *Identifying Blocks to your Success and taking Action *Examining Money Beliefs to bring in more abundance *Affirmation Creating *Top Goals Identifying *Wheel of Life Exercise *Identifying Wounds and Personal Power *And Extra Juicy Tips for making this lifetime your best life ever!

In general, I offer the following: Spiritual Counseling, Life Coaching, Holistic Health Coaching, Relationship Coaching, all of which are Transformational Coaching for your soul and life!

Payment Options:

Single Session: $125, 4 Sessions (1 month plan) $499, or 3 Months (12 Sessions)

If you prefer a payment plan, it's 3 payments of $499 (+PayPal fees if paying with credit card; or no extra fees if you pay directly from your bank account).

If you pay in full using your bank account (lower price AND no PayPal fees), you pay $1,197. Save $345!
To schedule email to schedule and discuss your payment preference. If you choose the Pay in Full with your bank account option OR the payment plan option, I will have to send you additional instructions.


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