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My Purpose

Be Considerate
Be Loving
Help Others

Meet Mandelyn

Angel Project Mission Statement 

My mission is to do whatever I have to do to:

  • Reconnect humanity with messages and acts of kindness and helpfulness

  • To get people to care about and be aware of each other more

  • Open people's minds more

  • Awaken more people to their true nature as a spiritual entity having a human experience

  • Help more people discover their life purpose

  • Get people to fear less and love more

  • Promote peace, acceptance, tolerance, and forgiveness

  • To encourage more gratitude

  • To be a healer

  • To promote the care of nature and animals

  • To let others know that enlightenment is a choice, and that they have free will to not listen to or believe me

  • ~And more~

Which may include attending events, making videos, blogging, social networking, photography, and media appearances.


                               My Purpose Statement:

"This is for you, humanity. You have many faces. Regardless of your background, beliefs, or ethnicity, I am here to help. I am doing what I was told to do from a higher divine calling. I'm a servant of the light, a messenger. I choose to be used as an instrument for the highest purpose of all souls. I sacrifice myself to try make the world a better place. I am here to confound you, confuse you, surprise you, and enlighten you. Why? To make you pay attention. I am not showing off, I am showing messages. I am striving to bring more positivity, kindness, love, peace, and unity to the world."

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