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Preview of my healing work

Blissful Body & Soul
Healing Package


Your one-hour customized session will include all of my specialized Shaman Healing Tools, Multi-Vibrational Sound Therapy instruments, hands-on Reiki healing energy, crystals laid on your body for harmonization and chakra alignment, aura cleansing, and a 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing technique. 

This healing package is perfect for those that need to purge old trauma energies, heal emotional wounds stored in the body, and escape the stress of life while entering into a world of total relaxation, safety, nurturing for your mind, body and spirit.

Blissful Healing Package Includes:


Specialized Shaman Healing Tools

Some of the oldest forms of healing on the planet that have originated from indigenous tribes from all over the world. Sacred wisdom, ancient healing prayers, smudging feathers, crystals, and other kinds of healing tools are used in your session.


Multi-Vibrational Sound Therapy Instruments

Multi-Vibrational Sound Therapy is both a passive and participatory experience. The passive aspect is that you become more relaxed by laying down and slowing your breath, receiving the sound waves into your entire aura and physical being through your ears and skin. The special sound tools I use take you through a unique journey that harmonizes your body by balancing your chakra energy centers, and gently facilitates the clearing of energy blockages, while stimulating your mind with dazzling verbal imagery and instruction to be nurtured in the now. With some specific tools, I will verbally guide you through the release of your old, heavy baggage energies that no longer serve you. Let go and be lighter!


Hands-on Nurturing, Soothing, Love-Based, Holy Spirit/Reiki Healing-Touch Bodywork

With a light to medium touch-pressure of my hands, I infuse you from scalp to toe with my loving healing angel energy. Throughout time, this energy has been called by different names like Holy Spirit, Reiki, & Pranic Healing. These are a form of energy healing which has the intelligence to clear emotional trauma and physical blockages which occur from anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, and past pain. The "laying of the hands" upon your body with the set intention to channel healing into the body is a conduit for God Source Creator's unconditional love, peace, healing, & acceptance energy  into your mind, body, & soul.  


Crystal Chakra


You have seven primary chakras running through your body's central core. These chakras connect your body and mind to your emotions and spirit. When the chakras are out of balance or in a state of disharmony, issues of the body, mind, and spirit may result. Chakras may become blocked, under-active, or overactive for various reasons, such as emotional upset, illness, karmic issues, or even issues rooted in childhood or past lives. Crystals that vibrate at the optimal frequency for each chakra can align and balance all chakras, while also helping to clear energy blockages.


Aura Cleansing

Aura cleansing can help you stay well and feel more alive, clear-headed, emotionally stable, and balanced. When your body and soul is harboring unwanted energies, you may feel tired, down, unbalanced, depressed, anxious, "not quite ourselves," or even ill. Doing an aura cleansing will help you feel lighter, clearer, happier, more vibrant and balanced.


5th Dimensional 
Quantum Healing

5th Dimensional Quantum Healing is a shamanic practice performed by a healer who has access to the subatomic field of energy. From this realm, an extraordinary intelligence becomes available which can lead to seemingly miraculous outcomes by "brushing" off old & foreign energies from your body and aura. Physical ailments can improve because at the Quantum Level, subatomic particles break down inflammation, move bones and accelerate the healing process. Emotional issues can be addressed because the very energy that created them can be transformed in the 5th dimensional realm.


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Sir Linjie Chou Zandau, Director of Secretariat with the Imperial Order of Culture & Peace

“Mandelyn’s treatment is world class. She combines the ancient spiritual crafts of Egyptians, Tibetans, and Shamanic traditions. Her work opens the doorways of higher realms and realization.”



Megan Stone,
Los Angeles, CA

"Mandelyn has a gift, to say the least. Her big heart, infinite compassion, and down to earth personality allow her to be a strong channel for guidance and support. I went into our 30 minute session with a focus on a few different areas, but the cards she pulled allowed me to look at one very important area that I hadn't intended, but needed to bring attention to. The messages that she communicated with me were strikingly on point with what is going on, and I walked away with very valuable insight. I look forward to continuing my work with Mandelyn, and highly recommend her services to anyone looking for healing, guidance, and/or support in any area of life!"


Jennifer Thomas,
Redondo Beach, CA

"Mandelyn, I HAVE to share with you that I started my period again two and half days ago, and it is HANDS DOWN the BEST, LEAST PAINFUL period I have ever had--EVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! I am in tears of amazement as I write this. I've still had some pain, but I've taken only about 10 Advil over the course of it, as opposed to the usual 3-4 Advil every 3 hours, which comes out to about 40 for the month! Plus, I didn't even wear my heating pad on my lap today while working. I am so, so grateful for the healing portal that you opened up for me!! You can't even imagine how freed I feel right now from a lifetime of pain that has haunted me. Thank you and bless you.

I love you and miss you!!

P.S. You can add my comments above to your blog if you want. People need to know the amazing healing that is possible!"

Meet Mandelyn Reese

Master Healer and Spiritual Practitioner

This is for you, humanity. You have many faces. Regardless of your background, beliefs, or ethnicity, I am here to help. I am doing what I was told to do from a higher divine calling. I'm a servant of the light, a messenger. I choose to be used as an instrument for the highest purpose of all souls. I sacrifice myself to try make the world a better place. I am here to confound you, confuse you, surprise you, and enlighten you. Why? To make you pay attention. I am not showing off, I am showing messages. I am striving to bring more positivity, kindness, love, peace, and unity to the world.

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